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Enabling the Blue Light Filter on Your Chromebook
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Blue Light Filter on Chromebook


If you wish to change the blue light filter on your D11 Chromebook please follow the steps outlined below.


  • Start off by opening the menu by clicking in the bottom right corner of the screen on your Chromebook



  • In the menu that opens find the "Settings" icon and click on it.



  • In the Settings menu, find the tab on the left-hand side that is labeled "Device" and click on it. Then click on "Displays".




  • Once you are in the "Displays" setting menu, you should see an option titled "Night Light". To the right of that, you will see a toggle switch, click on this to turn the setting on and off. You will know it is on by the color change from grey to blue. You will also notice some options appear below that area that you can change. Once Night light is enabled you'll have the option to choose how warm/cool you want the screen to appear with the slider.




  • You will also have the ability to set a schedule if you wish. You options are Never, Sunrise to Sunset, or Custom.



  • If you choose the "Custom" option, you will be able set the time of day you want this setting to happen.



If you still need assistance please feel free to contact the support center at 520.2211

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