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How Do I Request an Extension or App for Chromebooks
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Requesting an Extension or App for Chromebooks

The process for requesting a new Extension or App for the Chromebooks is pretty straight forward. If you are a teacher please reach out to your building LTE (Library Technology Educator) or DST (District Support Technician) usually located in the library. Make sure that the extension or app is something that they agree can go on the machines. Once you have done this, either you or the LTE will need to put in a Happy Fox ticket with the exact name or the extension or app as well as the devices you would like it on. Your ticket will be reviewed and if the request is approved the ticket will be updated. 


If you are a LTE or DST requesting the extension or app Please put in a ticket requesting this to be done. Be sure to include all relevant information. 


If you still need assistance please feel free to contact the Support Center at 520.2211 or reach out to your Field Tech.

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