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Chromebook: Enabling the Microphone/Camera
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Some class assignments require the use of the microphone or camera on a Chromebook. There are certain sites where the microphone or camera has been enabled by default district wide. For example, Schoology has been set to enable the mic by default. If you have another site that you would like added to the enable default, please create a HappyFox ticket requesting this. For sites that are not enabled by default, a small pop up like the one shown below should appear when opening a site that is attempting to access the microphone/camera. 




If students click allow, the site they are on (in the example above it is will have access to the microphone/camera, as well as any other features mentioned in the popup. 


Allowing the Microphone Through the Menu Ribbon

If you did not enable the microphone/camera through the above pop up, follow these steps to enable these features. 


  • Open chrome and navigate to the website that you need the microphone/camera to work in
  • Look in the URL bar of the website and on the left side you will see a lock symbol. Click on the symbol to see the below popup. To enable to mic or camera, click the toggle



  • This change will be saved for the website and the mic/camera should now function 


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Support Center via a HappyFox ticket or by calling 719-520-2211. 


Please Note: 
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