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Using an AirTame with D11 Windows Computer
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Many rooms, projectors, and TVs across D11 are equipped with an AirTame casting device. These devices help you to project your laptop, ipad or smartphone screen up on a larger platform for the entire room to see. The following instructions outline how you can connect your Windows laptop to these Airtames using what is commonly referred to as "Miracast". For instructions on how to cast from other types of devices please see the linked articles below

Presenting from a Windows Device

  • Ensure you have your D11 issued Windows PC and you are in the same room as the screen with an AirTame that you want to present to.

  • Turn the laptop and screen that has an Airtame connected

Note: Having your D11 device is important because you will only be able to connect through the Wi-Fi network that is pre-installed on your device

  • At the same time, press the Windows + P keys on your laptop

  • Click the option to "Connect to a wireless display"

  • Next, you can either click choose "Select screen" OR press the Windows + K buttons to select the screen you wish to connect to

  • Choose the AirTame you want to connect to by clicking on its name (ex: Freedom AirTame - Room 105)

  • You might be prompted to enter a PIN code to connect. On your computer, enter a 4- or 8-digit PIN that you see on the screen that your Airtame is connected to. 

Presenting from an Android Device

The steps to mirror from your Android might vary depending on your device. The most common ways are either by using "Smart view", "Screen mirroring", "Quick Connect" or through the Cast settings on your phone. You will first open one of these to begin the connection.


You should then be prompted to enter a PIN code that should show on the screen you are casting to.


This article was adapted from "Present to Airtame with Miracast". (2021). Retrieved from

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