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How to Set Your Preferred Wi-Fi Network On Your D11 Chromebook
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Setting Your Preferred Network On Your Chromebook

Your D11 Chromebook has the ability to automatically remember multiple Wi-Fi networks and from time to time this can cause issues, particularly if you are within range of more than one of the networks you have previously joined. If you are having issues with your Chromebook jumping between networks, or you are losing connectivity because it is trying to connect to a known network with a weaker signal, we suggest setting a "Preferred" network. To do this please follow these steps.


  • On your Chromebook desktop, look to the bottom right corner and you should see a Wi-Fi icon along with a few other icons. Click in that area to open the settings menu



  • When the settings menu opens you should see an area that displays your current Wi-Fi connection, in the example it is D11_Data. Next to the name of the network you should see a dropdown arrow. Click here to reveal all your wireless network options.



  • Look through the list and click on the network that you want to set as your "Preferred" wireless connection. For this example, we are going to choose "TechServ5" as our preferred network.



  • Once you have selected your preferred network you should see a new window open. In the Settings window for that network, you are looking for a section that says "Prefer this network" next to those words you should see a toggle switch that is likely greyed out. Click on that toggle to activate it and it will turn blue. This network should not be your preferred network and you will only default over to other networks/connections when this one is now available. Once you have done this you can close out of this window and continue using your Chromebook.



If you have any questions please contact the D11 Support Center at 520.2211, or search our Knowledge Base for more articles.

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