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Supported iOS Devices

**NOTE: This article only pertains to iOS (iPad) devices typically used by Colorado Springs School District 11. For information about other systems please see the articles linked below** * [**Windows (Dell OptiPlex, Dell Latitude, Dell Precision)**][1] * [**macOS (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini…

Using an AirTame with D11 Apple Device (iOS or macOS)

## **Many rooms, projectors, and TVs across D11 are equipped with an AirTame casting device. These devices help you to show a device's screen up on a larger platform for the entire room to see as well. The following instructions outline how you can connect to these devices using a D11 Apple Device (iOS or macOS) using…

Using Jabber on iOS

All D11 Employees have the ability to use D11 iOS or personal iOS devices to make and answer calls using the Cisco Jabber app. To set it up please follow the steps outlined below. _**NOTE: setting up the Jabber app on a Windows 10 computer is very similar to these steps. However, for more specific steps [please see t…

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