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How to Join a Zoom Meeting

_**Joining Zoom Meetings**_ Colorado Springs School District 11 currently uses Cisco Webex to conduct official meetings and virtual classroom instruction. D11 does not currently have a license for the use the service and because of this we do not allow or support the use of the Application. Staff and …

Using Printer Logic to Install a Printer (Windows 10)

### _**Installing a Printer from Printer Logic (Windows 10)**_ ### Printer logic is a web-based software that allows end-users to easily install drivers for available printers that are mapped on the CSSD11 network. Printer Logic can be found in one of two places, the first being [][1] …

Manually Refresh Windows 10 Software Center

_**Manually Refresh Software Center**_ If you need to install a piece of software from the Windows 10 Software Center, but you are not seeing it listed, it may need a refresh. This can be done with out preforming any actions and just leaving Software Center open and running, but if you preform a manual update it shou…

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