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How do I log into ST Math (Students)
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D11 uses a web based program called ST Math to help students with their ability to solve mathematical problems. Below are the basic steps for students to log into the website or app.

NOTE: if your or your student are having issues with this system, please contact your school LTE/DST team in the Media Center before calling the Support Center.


Steps to login

  1. To login, all students K-5 will start will either open the App on their iOS device or navigate to in a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.) 
    • You should land on the "Welcome Page" for ST Math



  1. Take a look in the top right area of the page. If you notice that it says "No school selected", you can click that button to navigate to a page where you can select your school



  1. On the next page, You can begin entering your school name. Please make sure you find the correct one for D11 as many schools share the same name across the country. You can also enter "Colorado Springs School District 11" in the search area you will see that it begins to filter out and show schools in D11.  Again please make sure you choose your school.



  1. Once you select your school, you should be redirected back to the "Welcome" page. You should see your school now showing in the upper right area of the page.



  1. Now, you will want to click the "Student Sign In" button located in the middle of the page.



  1. You should see two options; Picture Password or Text Sign In.


  • Option 1 - Picture Password: If your teacher gave you a "Picture Password" you can click on the first option. This option will require you to click on a series of images in the correct order so that you can log into your account. It could be up to 13 pictures in sequence so make sure you know what the correct order is.




  • Option 2 - Text Sign In: This method of logging in is more traditional in the sense that you will need your username and password. For students, your password should follow the pattern of the first five letters of your last name, followed by your first initial, followed by your middle initial, and then the last four digits of your Student ID #. Your password is the same one you use to log onto any of our systems in D11. If you are unsure of what your password is, please contact your school LTE/DST team in the Media Center. Passwords will vary in complexity depending on the grade level of the student.
    • Example: Username - ROGERSG1920, Password - T0aster




  1. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click the "Sign In" button to continue.



  1. Once signed in, no matter which method you use, you should land on the start page that looks similar to this. You are now ready to learn and play.



  1. If at any time you wish to log out, you simply click the "Back" button at the top left of the page



  1. Once logged out you should land on this page. 



As always the D11 Technical and Support Services team is ready to answer any questions you have. Feel free to reach out to us through chat at, by phone at 520.2211, or by submitting an IT Support Ticket.

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