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Video unavailable (YouTube)
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If you are having issues viewing videos online, that you previously used in presentations or just feel you should have access to and you see an error like this



 please try the following steps.


  1. In your Chrome Browser, look at the top right corner. You should see an avatar or picture. Click on it.




  1. In the dropdown menu, you have a few options towards the bottom to sign into the browser. If you have previously signed into the Chrome browser with your D11 login you will see that here.



  1. If you have never signed in to a Chrome browser with your D11 account, click on the "Add" button to login with your D11 email (



  1. You will be prompted with the familiar D11 login screens. Please use your FULL email address to log in here. Once you are logged in try the video you were having issues with and it should work if the content is allowable based on the Web Filter settings.  



If you still need assistance please feel free to contact the support center at 520.2211 or use our Live Chat feature at

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