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Sync Onedrive to a Desktop/Laptop
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If you are having issues with the installed OneDrive Client syncing between your cloud and local computer files please try the following steps to get you OneDrive in sync.


  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Office 365 typing in the URL bar. If you are not already signed in please do so using your




  1. Look for the OneDrive icon in your list of services/apps on O365 and Click on it



  1. This should open a new tab in your browser and show all your items in OneDrive. What you are looking for is a Sync button,  . It should be right below the search bar on your screen. 



  1. Once you click the Sync button you may see a warning. It is ok to always allow this action by checking the box and then clicking the "Open Microsoft OneDrive" button.



  1. You should now see a new pop-out window that tells you to Set up OneDrive. Towards the bottom, you will see a greyed out box, enter your D11 email here ( and then click the "Sign In" button.



  1. Next, you will see an option to change your folder location. We suggest you keep it as is and just click the "Next" button.



  1. From here you should see a few more "Next" prompts. Follow those until you get to this window that says "Your OneDrive is ready for you". Click on the "Open my OneDrive Folder" button.



  1. Upon clicking the button you should see your OneDrive folder open and you will see your files start to sync. You should also now see a blue OneDrive icon  in the bottom right corner of your screen indicating that it is syncing. You also might see some pop ups "welcoming you" to OneDrive. They will eventually go away. You should now be able to add files and access files as you need them. 



If you still need assistance please feel free to contact the support center at 520.2211 or use our Live Chat feature at

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