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Correcting the Time Zone in Office 365
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Many users have experienced that their time zone settings are incorrect. This could be an issue if you need to know the time am item was revised during collaboration and while using versioning. We suggest you verify your settings to ensure correct time stamps on items using the following steps.



  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Office 365 typing in the URL bar. If you are not already signed in please do so using your



  1. Once you are logged in you should see your dashboard. In the top right you should see your initials or your D11 stock photo. Click on that and then, from the dropdown that appears, click on "View account".



  1. A new tab will open with your account settings. If you look in the left margin about halfway down you will see a tab for "Settings & Privacy" click on that tab. This should default to your Language & Region settings. Towards the bottom of the "Region" section, you should see a "Time Zone" section. In that section, it should say "(UTC-07:00) Mountian Time (US & Canada)". If it does not, click the pencil icon  to edit it.



  1. A popup window should open with a search bar at the top. Type in "Mountain" and you should see the dynamic filter eliminate all the options except "Mountain" time zones. Select the one that says (UTC-07:00) Mountian Time (US & Canada) and then click the "Select" button at the bottom of the window.



  1. The window should close and your time zone should now be set to (UTC-07:00) Mountian Time (US & Canada).



  1. If you still need assistance please feel free to contact the support center at 520.2211 or use our Live Chat feature at
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