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How do I Update an Email Distribution List/Group
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Updating an Email Distribution List/Group


This article outlines how distribution group owners can update their lists without help from IT. If you need to jump to a particular subject you can use the links directly below.




Updating your Distribution Group

  • In any web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.) navigate to On that page you will enter your D11 email address ([email protected]) and your network password.



  • On the page that opens next, you will want to locate the "groups" tab and click on that to reveal the list of groups.



  • In this tab, you should see a long list of groups in our organization. Locate your group by either scrolling through the list or by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, , to begin searching by keyword, e.g. _RUDY or _FOOD SERVICES OFFICE. Once you find your group, double click on that line to open the window to edit the group.




  • In this window, click on the "membership" tab located on the left side.



  • To remove a user from your group, find their name in the list and click on it to highlight them. Next, click on the minus ( - ) button to remove them and then click the "Save" button in the window to complete the action.



  • To add a user to your group, click the plus ( + ) button. In the window that opens, click the magnifying glass icon, , and then type in the name of the person you wish to add and hit the enter key. You should see the list populate with names. Find the person you are looking for, highlight their name, click the "Add" button, and then the "OK" button.





  • This should close the search window and bring you back to the main window with the members listed. You should see the person in the list. If all looks correct, go to the bottom of that window, click the "Save" button to save your changes and complete the action.


  • Changes replicate to Exchange Online immediately, but not to the Outlook application installed on your computer. Outlook updates on its own once a day (overnight or 24 hours). If this is not soon enough for you, you can manually download a new copy of the address book using the steps below.



Manually refreshing distribution groups in the Outlook desktop client

  • In the Outlook Client, click the Send/Receive tab.



  • Click the "Send/Receive Groups" button.



  • Click "Download Address Book".



  • In the window that opens, make sure the box that says "Download changes since last Send/Receive" is checked and then click the "OK" button. You should see a progress bar showing the sync.




If You are not the Owner of the Group

  • If you are not in the list of owners for the group you will see an error that states "You don't have sufficient permissions". This operation can only be performed by a manager of the group depicted below 
  • If you feel like you should have the ability to edit your group, you will need to contact IT to update the group ownership so that you can edit.



For assistance, call the Support Center at 520-2211, or submit a HappyFox ticket.

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