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District 11 Cisco Webex Meetings Reference Guide
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Colorado Springs School District 11 uses Cisco Webex as our supported means of teleconferencing/video calls. This article is a collection of several FAQs and answers surrounding Cisco Webex Meetings and can be used as a quick reference guide. For shorter, more specific articles about the specific functions please feel free to search our Knowledge Base for more articles or contact the Support Center.



How do I use Cisco Webex Meetings?

  1. The easiest way to use Cisco Webex is through the desktop client. Every D11 computer should have the Cisco Webex Meetings app installed on it.
    • For Windows 10 computers, if you do not see a shortcut on your computer desktop, you can access it through your start menu.
    • For macOS computers, you can find it in the Applications folder. 
    • If you do not see it on your computer please contact the Support Center to help you get it installed.
    • You can also host and connect to Webex meetings by opening a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.) and navigating to (we will discuss this more later on)




  1. Regardless of which operating system you are on, the application looks very similar. You should see your D11 badge photo at the top of the application along with your name and your personal meeting room URL (we will touch on meeting rooms later).



  1. Below that you should see two buttons. The "Start a Meeting" button allows you to open a meeting right away with your personal room and the "Schedule" button that allows you to set up meetings in the future.



  1. Directly below that section, you will see a place to enter a meeting if you have a Meeting ID from an invite you may have received via email or another user.



  1. Finally, you will see a section that you can scroll up and down through to see a list of your upcoming meetings. This may require you to go into the application settings and ensure that you have linked your D11 email account to the system.




What are Meeting Rooms?

  1. A meeting room is a virtual conference space/room that you will use to conduct your meetings. Every D11 staff member has a "Personal Room". The URL for that room is (replace first.last with your first and last name) (e.g.
    • Before you hand out your personal URL or start using it, we suggest you set up your room so that it is password protected and has the "waiting room" function enabled in order to keep unwanted visitors from entering your rooms/meetings. For more information on that see the article "Creating a Meeting Using the Cisco Webex Site" in this knowledge base.
  2. To open this room for an immediate meeting you can simply click the "Start a Meeting" button in the app. This should open a small window where you can verify your video and audio settings and then click the "Start Meeting" button in that window.




  1. Once you are in a meeting you should see a panel for every attendee as they come into the room



How do I start a meeting?

  • The "Start a Meeting" button starts a meeting immediately; in Personal Room others can enter the room once the owner has entered
  • You can attend and set up a meeting via the website
    • This site provides access to Meetings, Recordings, and other features/support

    • Meetings can be set to be recorded by the owner using audio, documents, and presentations with or without attendees and then share link for others.

    • Specific instructions on how to set up a meeting can also be found here.
    • To do this you will need to login/authenticate using your O365 authentication that you use with many of our tools.
  • A meeting invitation can be sent in MS Outlook by creating a meeting and type @webex in the “Location” field. Meeting invitation will automatically populate personal meeting room information in the body of meeting invite


How do I Invite Others?

  • Copy personal room website link and paste in an email created in Outlook, the D11 Loop, or other email option.
    • NOTE: You can also easily copy your personal room link by clicking on the double-page icon next to the room name to copy all meeting info.


As always the D11 Technical and Support Services team is ready to answer any questions you have. Feel free to reach out to us through chat at, by phone at 520.2211, or by submitting an IT Support Ticket.

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