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How Do I Create a Meeting Using the Cisco Webex Site
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Creating a Meeting Using the Cisco Webex Site


Cisco Webex is a collaborative tool that can help D11 Staff, Teachers, and Students connect through a virtual meeting room. In this article, you walk through all the steps to setting up a meeting through the D11 Cisco Webex website. This method is a great way to create a meeting and can be used by any person in the District, without the need to install any software on your device or computer.


  1. First, navigate to You should see this page. 



  1. In the upper right portion of this page, you should see a "Sign In" button. Please make sure you click on the button portion and not the dropdown arrow.



  1. On the next page, you will see a field to enter your email address. Please use your D11, [email protected], email address and then click the "Next" button below that field.



  1. If you have never logged in, you may be taken to the typical D11 authentication page where you enter your [email protected] email address and network password again. Once you are logged in you should land on a page with a personalized dashboard that looks similar to this.



  1. This page has a lot of options and information available to you. 
    • In the left-hand margin, you will see tabs to take you to your upcoming meetings, previous meeting recordings, personal preferences, and a few other options
    • In the top center of the page, you will see a search bar where you can search for meetings and recordings
    • In the center of the page, you should see your D11 photo with options to start a meeting, using your personal meeting room or schedule a meeting for later on.





  1. Please, click on the "Schedule" button.



  1. On the "Schedule a Meeting" page, you will see several options, the first is "Meeting type"
    • You have the ability to choose between Webex Meetings Pro Meeting and WebEx Personal Conference. The system default should be Webex Meetings Pro Meeting.
      • We suggest using Webex Meetings Pro Meeting, as it requires a passcode and adds a layer of security that the Personal Conference does not.



  1. Next on the list, you should see "Meeting Topic"
    • This is your topic, fill in with appropriate title for your meeting



  1. Meeting Password 
    • This will only show if you have chosen the "Pro Meeting" option
      • You will notice that this field will be populated with a system-generated unique password. You can edit this password to anything you wish.
      • The only caveat is that it has to meet the requirements of 
        • Can not contain - Easy-to-guess keywords, such as your company name, username, or meeting topic and cannot contain spaces or unsupported special characters such as "\, ', ", /, &, <, >, = , [, or ]"
        • Must contain - At least 4 characters



  1. Date and time
    • Use the drop-down arrow to set your date and time for the meeting.
    • We advise that you DO NOT change the timezone as it is likely most of your meetings will involve people in this time zone.



  1. Recurrence checkbox
    • Check this box if you want to this meeting to be recurring
      • You will be presented with more options to choose how this meeting reoccurs




  1. Attendees 
    • Enter the email addresses of all your attendees.
      • If the attendee, or group of attendees, is from D11 you can simply begin typing their name, or group list name, and you should see them appear in the box to select.
      • Once you have selected an attendee they will show directly below this search box.



  1. Advanced Options Dropdown
    • You can preselect more meeting options here
      • Audio connection options give you a few options on how people can connect and what alerts you will hear upon their entry to the meeting.
      • Agenda
        • You can enter a summarized agenda here
      • Scheduling Options gives you several options in relation to this specific meeting to include
        • Requiring an account
        • Letting others host
        • Automatic recording
        • Excluding password from email
        • Registration
        • Email reminders
        • Meeting options, e.g. chat, note-taking options, closed captioning
        • Attendee Privileges, e.g. saving, printing, annotating, view other participants, who the participant can chat with




  1. Once you have your meeting set up the way you want it to be, click the "Schedule / Start" button at the bottom.
    • This button will have different text depending on if your meeting is in the immediate future or a few days down the road.
    • You also have the ability to "Save as a template" if you will be using this same format over and over.



  1. Upon clicking the "Schedule / Start" button, you will be redirected to that meeting page with all the important information for that meeting. All your attendees should also receive a calendar invite that they can open in their mail client, e.g. Outlook, macOS Mail, Gmail, etc. for this meeting with the same information. Congratulations you have successfully set up a meeting. 



As always the D11 Technical and Support Services team is ready to answer any questions you have. Feel free to reach out to us through chat at, by phone at 520.2211, or by submitting a Happy Fox ticket.

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