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Troubleshooting Shared Drives Over The VPN
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If you are having issues connecting to your Shared Drive (S:, T:, U:, etc.) over the D11 VPN please see the instructions outlined below. This article is also broke into sections if you do not need all the information. Use the links directly below to jump to any section you need



Check that you are connected to the VPN

  1. Click on the “Network” icon on the bottom right taskbar. It should look like   if you have a wired connection   if you have a wireless connection



  1. Ensure D11 or D11VPN says “Connected” or click “Connect” when you click on it.



  1. If it connects successfully, continue to any of the sections that pretain to your particular needs (S:, T:, U:, etc drives).
    • If your computer does not connect please restart your computer and try to connect again.
    • If you cannot get the VPN to connect at all, please call the support center at 520-2211 to talk to one of the technicians



Mapping the "S" Drive

The following steps will help you map the "S" Drive specifically. For information on mapping your personal "U" drive please move to the next section.


  1. To map the S Drive open “File Explorer”. This can be done in a number of ways, any of the options and others are acceptable methods
    • If you have a "This PC" icon on your desktop you can double click it and it will open the File Explorer window
    • If you see a folder icon on your taskbar you can click on that and it should open the File Explorer window.
    • You can also use the Search bar located next to your Windows Start Menu and type "File Explorer and select it from the menu.



  1. Once you have the File Explorer open, look in the left margin for “This PC” and right-click on it. This should open up a dropdown menu.



  1. From the dropdown selections, highlight and select “Map Network Drive...”



  1. In the window that appears, Select “S:” from the Drive dropdown menu, if it is available. If "S" is not available you can choose any other letter
    • The letter does not actually matter as long as you can remember which drive it is on your computer, in relation to the drives when you are on the D11 Network.



  1. In the “Folder” field type the following: \\\New_Admin_Share



  1. Next, check the box that says “Connect using different credentials” and then click the “Finish” button




  1. You should now see a login box pop up. In the box that pops up make sure the user says CSSD11\username (ex: CSSD11\reynojh
    • If it says anything else or does not include cssd11\ make sure to click on “More Choices” and “Use a different account”. This is where you would enter the same information as indicated above



  1. Now you will enter your network password, check the box remember credentials if you wish, and click the “OK” button.



  1. Almost immediately you should see a new window open connecting you to the "S" Drive. You can verify you have connected to the right drive by looking at the address at the top center of the window.




Mapping your "U" Drive

The following steps will help you map your "U" Drive specifically. These steps are very similar to the previous mapping of the "S" Drive so if you were successful there you should be successful with this mapping.


  • For Central Admin Staff, you can map your "U" drive by following all the steps outlined above EXCEPT for two main things 


  1. You will change the drive letter in the dropdown menu to U:
    • You can also double-check your previous work by looking at the letter "S" and seeing that your drive is mapped


  1. You will use the path \\\username$
    • Replace username with your username, ex: reynojh$
    • Make sure you add the "$" symbol at the end of the path 



  1. If you are prompted for login information again, put it in just as described in the section above.
  2. Upon clicking the "Finish" button, almost immediately you should see your "U" drive appear.



Additional Help

If you have any questions please contact the D11 Support Center at 520.2211, use our chat at, or search our Knowledge Base for more articles.


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