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Using Webex Meetings Through MS Teams Online
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If you do not have the Cisco Webex and/or Microsoft Teams installed on your computer, you can still start, join, and manage your Webex meetings online. Please review the video and instructions below of how to set up Microsoft Teams online to utilize this functionality. 


This video has no audio. It's a quick click-through demo of the process.

This video may not play in Google Chrome Browser. If it does not please try another browser like MS Edge or Apple Safari



Setting up Cisco Webex in Microsoft Teams Online


  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Office 365 typing in the URL bar.



  1. In the top right corner click on "Sign In"



  1. On the next page, you will either have the option to enter your full D11 Email ([email protected]) or choose it if you have previously logged into Office online.
    • If you see your D11 email, simply select it to move forward
    • If you do not see it, enter your full D11 email address
    • After either selection the next screen will prompt you for your D11 Network Password, please enter it and click the "Sign In" button.
    • You may also be prompted to stay logged in, this is your personal choice.




  1. Now that you are logged in, you will see all your available apps laid out at the top of your page. Click on the Teams logo. It should be purple in color with two people type figures.



  1. This should open a new tab in your browser where you are in the Microsoft Teams dashboard interface. On the left-hand side, you should see a stacked group of app options. Look for the Cisco logo. If you do not see it look for three horizontal dots towards the bottom of that group and click on them. This should open up a drawer with options and you should see Cisco Webex in there. 



  1. The Cisco module will open and you should be defaulted to the "Chat" tab. If you are not please click on it. It is located at the top left of the Cisco area.



  1. At the bottom of that area where it says "Type your questions here" you will need to enter the following site (feel free to copy and paste). Once you have that in the text area either click your Enter key or click on the paper airplane icon to send the command. 



  1. You should see a confimation message at the bottom if it worked that looks like this.



  1. Now click on the "Webex" tab, next to the chat tab. This may give you a banner at the top asking you to log in. If it does follow the prompts to sign in through your D11 Office 365 account using your [email protected] address. (see video at the top of this article for an example)
  2. After a little bit of time, you should see Webex logged in. You now can start a meeting, join a meeting, and view your upcoming meetings.



  1. If you still need assistance please feel free to contact the support center at 520.2211
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