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EZ Visitor System Quick Troubleshooting Steps for Common Issues
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NOTE: Colorado Springs School District 11 Technical and Support Services does not administer or provide support for this product. If you are having issues, outside of the hardware actually working, please contact Relatrix directly. Here are the best ways to get a hold of them.


The new D11 Relatrix EZ Visitor system is now in place at all Elementary and Middle Schools (coming soon to High Schools). This system should be set up in an area where first-time guests need to register with the schools. It is completely separate from the Volunteer Kiosk that you should also have in place for returning volunteers/visitors. The initial interaction will require a driver's license, or another state-issued id, scan to check the individual against the sex offender registry. 


Relatrix, along with District 11 Volunteer Services, can help you with any issues regarding functionality, setup, and use of the actual software. If you are having issues with the system, the provider (Relatrix Inc.) has asked that you contact either D11 Volunteer Services or the vendor directly. However, in order to help you with some basic troubleshooting, Relatrix has asked that you please read through the following tips to see if they answer your question.


If you want to quickly jump to some of the tips on the page you can use these quick links


Relatrix Tips:


Relatrix Tip 1: Site Admin Privileges:

  • If your issue is related to adding or changing D11 Engage admin roles or how to use the system, please contact District 11 Volunteer Services, 520-2202, for help.


Relatrix Tip 2: Make sure you're using Firefox and not Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE, or any other web browser

  • When Tech Services installed the scanner, camera, and printer on your front desk computer they configured the Firefox browser to work with the equipment and with the D11 Engage system. Make sure you are using ONLY Firefox and not another web browser when trying to scan IDs and print visitor name tags


Relatrix Tip 3: Adjust the Homepage for Firefox

  • If you are seeing the image below, the homepage default for D11 Engage was set up to point to the same website on your front desk computer as on the kiosk computer. You should change that.





  • If this is not set as your Home Page in the Firefox browser, you can make this your default home page so that it comes up whenever you start Firefox by completing the following steps.
  • Make sure the D11 Engage sign-in page is the only active tab in Firefox.
  • Next, press the “Alt &T” buttons at the same time and from the drop-down menu that appears select “Options”.



  • You should see a search box in the top right corner of the browser. In that search box type "Home Page".



  • In the Home Page settings section choose Use Current Page.


  • Once you have clicked that button to set the Home Page, you can close the Options tab.


Relatrix Tip 4: Allow pop-ups on the D11 Engage site

  • When using the system to sign-in visitors D11 Engage needs to pop-up a window for scanning IDs. If the window doesn't pop-up you need to adjust the settings to allow this. To ensure this is set correctly complete the following steps
  • In any open Firefox window, press the “Alt &T” buttons at the same time and from the drop-down menu that appears select “Options”.




  • You should see a search box in the top right corner of the browser. In that search box type "Pop-up".



  • When you see the Pop-up options, uncheck the box next to "Block Pop-up Windows".



  • Once you have unchecked that box, close the Options tab.
  • After changing the default pop-up block setting try again to scan a visitor ID


Relatrix Tip 5: First Time Visitors MUST Go To The Front Desk

  • If a first-time visitor tries to sign-in to the D11 Engage Kiosk or you try signing them in through the Kiosk the system will not allow the process to complete. This is District 11 Security procedure that requires ALL first-time visitors at a District 11 school need to provide their ID to the front office staff to sign-in.


Relatrix Tip 6: (Re)watch the Visitor Management Training Video

If these tips don't resolve your issue and you think you have a hardware or system problem, please submit a ticket through Happy Fox and explain that you have already tried all "Tips" in the Knowledge Base article. As with all technical issues, we will respond as quickly as possible.

Again, If your issue is not related to physical hardware, and these tips did not fix your problem, please contact District 11 Volunteer Services, 520-2202, for help.

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