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How Do I Change the PIN for my Voicemail or Password for Extension Mobility login
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Changing the PIN/Password for Voicemail and Extension Mobility Login


Be aware that this can only be done while your computer in connected to a D11 network.


  • Open your preferred Web browser (e.g. Google Chrome) and navigate to the D11 homepage, On that page, in the top right corner, you will see a tab labeled "USER OPTIONS" hover over that, and then click on the "Sign In" option.


  • You will be redirected to a sign-in page that looks similar to the one below. Please enter your network username and password here and then click the "Sign In" button.



  • Once you are signed in you should be redirected to a page that looks similar to the homepage, only now you will be able to access the Intranet. Going back to the top right corner of the page you will hover over the "Employee" section and click on the "Intranet" link.



  • The Intranet link should redirect you to a page that has a lot of quick links. If you look on the left-hand side of the page, you will see a link with a phone icon that says "CISCO Self Care Portal (D11 Network Only)". Click on this link.



  • You should now be on the CISCO Self Care Portal Login page. Here you will enter your network username ([email protected]) and password once again and then click the "Sign In" button located directly below those fields.



  • If you have never set your pin, OR if your account has been flagged for reset, you will see a pop-up that looks like this, prompting you to reset your pin now. Once you reset your pin here, you do not need to move onto the next steps. However, if you do not see this pop-up, continue to the next step.



  • After logging in you will click on the "General Settings" button.



  • In the General Settings tab, third section down, you will see a place to reset your PIN. Type in the PIN you want to set for your Voicemail in the Phone Services PIN section, the PIN must be at least 6 digits.



  • Once you have typed in the New Phone PIN and Confirm New Phone PIN click on the Save Button.



  • Now that the PIN is saved, you can use the PIN you have set to access your Voicemail directly from the phone, or log into your Cisco phone with the pin if applicable.


For assistance, call the Support Center at 520-2211, or submit a HappyFox ticket.

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