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Adding Jaber Client Phone Software Using the Software Center (Windows 10)
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If you are looking to use the Cisco Jabber client on your desktop or laptop computer running Windows 10 here are the steps you can take to install the client (without administrative privileges).

This is for on-domain Windows machines using the Software Center only. If you have a computer running macOS please see this article (article in progress). NOTE: If your computer is not equipped with an internal microphone you will need to acquire one to use the phone call features in Jabber.

  1. Using the Cortana Search bar, located at the bottom left corner of your screen, begin to type "software center"
  2. You should begin to see results dynamically populate. You will want to select the Software Center application.


  1. When the Software Center window opens, you should be defaulted to the "Applications" tab. In that tab, you will want to look for "Cisco Jabber" in the available software applications. Click on that button to begin the install process.


  1. Next, click Install (or Reinstall if your computer previously has had Jabber installed) and the program will begin the installation.


  1. You should see a download and then install status as Jabber Installs.



  1. Once the client is installed you can close the Software Center window. You will know it has completed by looking at your desktop. You should see a new shortcut on your desktop for the Jabber client. You can run the client from either the Desktop Shortcut or the Start Menu as you would any other piece of software on your PC.

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