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District 11 New Wireless Deployment Guide
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As part of Network Services’ commitment to providing secure and reliable wireless access for our staff, students and guests, we will soon be introducing several new changes.

Please note, these changes will affect District 11 wireless networks only. All wired connections are unaffected and will continue working as expected.

Two New Wireless Networks



This is the new primary network to which all staff, students and guests will connect. It will gradually replace our current networks, D11_DATA, D11PersonalDevices, and D11_GUEST entirely.




This network is intended for current and future smart devices that are proliferating throughout the district. Examples include ViewSonic ViewBoards and Airtame casting devices.

How to Connect

All District 11 staff, students and guests will connect to D11-Secure. The only difference will depend on whether the device you are using is district provided or personal.

District provided

All Windows and macOS laptops as well as Chromebooks, iPads and iPhones and Android phones will be updated to connect automatically. You do not need to do anything and the device does not need to leave your hands, though it does need to be on-premises to update.


Select the D11-Secure wireless network on your device and enter your District 11 username and password to connect. You will need to “trust” a certificate issued by Colorado Springs School District 11 which establishes a secure connection in the same way your browser connects securely to online banking sites. Guests will enter guest account credentials provided to them.

All smart devices in classrooms, common areas and conference rooms will be connected to D11-IoT by district school-based and field technicians.

Need Help?
If you encounter any issues connecting to wireless or wish to request a guest access account please submit a Happy Fox ticket. Please direct any questions to [email protected]


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