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iPads and Apple ID
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Some Staff members are given District iPads to use for their instruction or job duties. Staff iPads in the District are unique from other District 11 iPads because users can download apps from the App Store as they choose or have features available that student iPads do not have. Staff members that want to use their iPads in this way will need an Apple ID or iCloud account that does not use their District issued email, and they will need to sign into their iPad using this Apple ID. Refer to the following steps on how to create an Apple ID and signing into an iPad with your account. 


Creating an Apple ID

  • To create an Apple ID you will need an email that is not your D11 email.


  • If you have an email that you can use, unlock your iPad and find the Settings app and open it. To see the below and select "Sign into your iPad" shown in the red square.



  • A window will appear like the one shown below. Select "Forgot password or don't have an Apple ID?". Then in the next window select "Create Apple ID"         




  • Follow the on screen instructions to create your Apple ID and remember do not use your district email to create an account.


Signing into iPads with Apple ID

  • Unlock your iPad and open the Settings app


  • On the top right click on "Sign in to your iPad" like shown below in the red square 



  • In the next window you will enter your Apple ID and password. Your Apple ID is the email you used when you created your account. Once you have entered both click next in the upper right of the window



  • If you set up two factor authentication you might be asked to enter a code that was sent to another device. You will see the window below if two factor authentication is on. Read the prompt carefully to understand where the code was sent. If you do not have access to the device a code was sent to, you can click "Didn't get a verification code?" to see other options for receiving a code. 




  • You will need to agree to the terms and conditions that show in the following windows. After agreeing you will be signed into the device. To verify that you are signed in, you can go back into Settings and where you previously saw "Sign in to your iPad", you will now see your Apple ID account. Click on it to view further details or sign out of the device. See the picture below for an example.




If you have any questions call our Support Center at 520-2211

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