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Staff Konica Authentication/Account Track (Win10)
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Staff Konica Authentication/Account Track (Win10)


To print to a Konica Staff members will need to work with their school based Tech Support. Your school based Tech will usually assist in creating an account on the Konica so that Staff members can send print jobs to the machine. However, once the account is created on the Konica, the Staff member will need to connect any computer they want to print from to the account. This article will walk Staff members through completing Authentication/Account track to enable printing to Konica's with Windows devices.


Connecting Users Laptop (Win10) to Konica with Account Track


  • Go through the normal install of the Konica through Printer Logic. Find article here that details how to install printers.
  • Once the machine is installed you will need to connect the users laptop to their specific account in the Konica Account Track. Start by navigating to Printers and scanners by typing printers & scanners in the "type here to search" bar in the lower left of your screen.
  • Find the Konica that you just installed and click manage.



  • Select "Printer Preferences" on the left side of the window.



  • Find the "Basic" tab and select "Authentication/Account Track".



  • Enter in the password for your Konica Account (You can find out what this password is from your school based Tech Support).
  • Click "verify". 
  • Click "ok".



  • Click "apply". 
  • Click "ok".
  • The user should now be able to print to the Konica.


If you have any questions please reach out to your Field Techs for assistance or submit a HappyFox ticket.

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