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Getting Started
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Welcome to the new District 11 Knowledge Base (KB) and Support Center. This Support Center is only for Information Technology (IT) help. We are not able to assist with anything dealing with facilities (e.g. refrigerators, air conditioning, toilet paper requests, etc.). You may also hear this resource referred to as Happy Fox, which is the host service for our services. 



If you are new to the system, you may want to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with its features, i.e. search engine, articles, sections, announcements (when applicable). Below you will find a few easy steps to help get you familiar with this tool. As time goes on the KB will grow and the ability for you, as a user, to help yourself will also grow for easy items.


  1. The first step in using the KB is to search it using the dynamic search engine provided. This search engine will look at keywords to find potentially helpful articles in our system.



  1. You will also notice that we have a few highlighted sections for our "Featured Articles" and our "Top Articles" on this page. These are located directly below the search bar area.



  1. Another option we have added to assist you is the ability to chat with one of our technicians, live. To do this you simply click on the "Start a Live Chat" option in the bottom right of your screen.



  1. If you are unable to find your answer through the dynamic search, our article listings, or by engaging in a Live Chat, your final step would be to submit a ticket. This is done by clicking on the link in the upper right corner of the screen.


  • NOTE: Do you want to limit back-and-forth in your support tickets? We do, too! P.L.E.A.S.E. follow our best practices to include the most helpful information that will lead to more efficient interactions with our Support Team!
    • P.L.E.A.S.E.
      • P — People Impacted
        • What are the names, roles, and email addresses of the impacted user(s)?
        • How many people are impacted?
          • Is this just one student? Multiple students in one course? All teachers in your organization?
      • L — Links
        • Provide links to where the issue is occurring
        • Provide the step-by-step clicks you took to view the behavior or error
      • E — Expected Behavior
        • What are you trying to accomplish?
        • What are you expecting to see occur?
      • A — Actual Behavior
        • What is actually happening?
        • What is the problem or question? 
      • S — Screenshots/Screencasts
        • The more visuals, the better! 
      • E — Effect on workflow
        • How does this inquiry affect your workflow?
        • Does the issue interfere with daily tasks? 
        • Are there any deadlines that are threatened by the issue? Are grades due? Is there a scheduled test?


  1. You can also view any previously submitted tickets by clicking on the "Login to View Tickets" link. This requires authentication using your D11 Network Email and Password.



Hopefully this quick "How To" will get you headed in the right direction for IT support. If you have any questions please contact the D11 Support Center at 520.2211, use our chat at

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