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Restricting Student Internet Access
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District 11 has varying levels of internet access for students, depending on their age. Elementary is the most restrictive while high school is the least. This doesn't mean the internet is completely open for high school students, but because they are older and use the internet for a wider range of school-related activities, they have more access. The district uses a web filter, and websites are generally blocked based on certain categorizations (i.e. games, mature content, gambling, etc.). Teachers also have access to a classroom device management system that allows them to block specific websites during their class times for their specific students.


All D11 students are also provided with email addresses when they are enrolled.


Parent/Guardian Opt-Out Requests


Parents have the option to request that their student have restricted access to internet (sometimes referred to as "education only" by Network Services) or no access to email. If a parent requests this, they will need to fill out form JS-E-3, also known as the Parent/Guardian Opt Out Declaration for Usage of Technology and Internet Resources. You can find the form on the Board Policies section of the D11 website, or follow the link here: JS-E-3.


After the form is completed, a Happy Fox ticket will need to be completed requesting restricted internet access including in the student's name and ID number. A digital copy of the signed form will need to be attached to the Happy Fox ticket. A photo or scanned version is acceptable. Paper forms will be kept at the school.

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