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Cisco Webex Scheduler – MS Outlook Plugin
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Adding this plugin will allow you to send Webex meeting invitations with the click of a button from your Desktop Outlook.


Cisco Webex Schedule Installation Instructions

  • Close the Outlook desktop app on your computer.
  • Go to the Microsoft App source at‐US/ . You may need to login with your D11 email ([email protected]) and network password.
  • In the upper right, click in the Search box and type Cisco Webex Scheduler. Open it once you find it.
  • Click on Get it now.
  • Follow the instructions to add the app to your D11 Office 365 Outlook account.
  • After it’s successfully installed, open the Outlook desktop app on your device.
  • Test that it installed by clicking on “New Meeting” and you should see it in at the right side of the tool bar.


**Note: We recommend you click on Webex Preferences the first time you use this app. You can select the meeting type, Personal Meeting Room or Webex Meeting and the template type. When this is set, it will default to these settings for all future meetings until you change it again.**



  • If you have the Webex Productivity Tools installed in Outlook, these need to be uninstalled.


Contact the Support Center at 520-2211 if you need assistance.

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