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Creating and Submitting a New HappyFox Ticket as an End User
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Create and Submit a HappyFox Ticket as an End User


If you are a staff member or student who has a technical issue, the first place you should look for assistance is the HappyFox Knowledge Base. Here you will find articles that address a wide variety of issues and may allow you to solve the problem that is occurring.


Accessing the HappyFox Knowledge Base for End Users

To get to the HappyFox Knowledge Base you will navigate to and enter keywords into the search bar that states "type in your question here" in the image below. Any article containing the key words will show in the search results.



If you still need assistance, complete the following steps to create and submit your HappyFox ticket. 


  • In a browser navigate to and if you are not already signed in click "Login to View Tickets". If you are already logged in you can skip the following log in steps



  • You will land on the following page where you will log in with your D11 email and click "Next"



  • Enter your network password and click "Sign in". You will be asked if you want to stay signed in, click either option



  • You will see the following ticket template. Please fill out all fields paying close attention to the following:


​​​​​Asset Number - record the number of the problem device in the ticket. If there is no device associated with the issue, enter N/A


Subject - This is a shortened statement of the problem


D11 Site - Enter the building that you are physically in so that our Agents can find you 


Message - This should be more specific than the Subject and include any information you have on the issue. Details like the following:


  • What the user was doing when issue occurred
  • How many times it has happened
  • What software was being used
  • Any troubleshooting that has already happened
  • Links
  • Pictures or screenshots
  • The expected behavior of the problem device vs what is actually happening
  • If anyone else is experiencing the same issue


The more information you can provide in the ticket, the easier it is for others to assist in fixing the problem and quickly getting the issue resolved. 



  • Check "I am not a Robot" and click "Submit Request" once all information has been entered




  • Once you have created and submitted a ticket on your issue, you will receive a confirmation email. Each ticket will generate its own unique email that you can use to respond back and forth to the Agents that are assigned to your issue. From this point forward, you can use this method to add more information and/or reply to requests to from LTE/DST/Field Technicians that are assigned to your ticket. Each email you send will also be recorded in HappyFox and attached to the ticket you submitted for Agents to use in resolving your issue. 


Viewing Submitted Tickets

If you would like to view all your tickets in one location, click on "My Tickets" after logging into HappyFox. Here you can update and view the status of any ticket you have submitted.


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