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D11 Wireless Networks and Access Points
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Wireless Networks and Access Points 


D11_ Data 

For Whom - ONLY District owned devices (PDF purchased devices are not district owned)

Duration - Wireless key is entered into each device and access is permanent until key is forgotten

How to Access - Wireless key is entered into the device (DO NOT share the wireless key with anyone and always enter it into the device yourself)



D11_ Personal Devices

For Whom - Available for all personal devices owned by Staff or Students. They must have an active D11 account

Duration - Staff or Students are responsible to connect daily 

How to Access - Use network username and password on the web authentication page that appears after selecting this network



D11_ Guest  

For Whom - Non-District 11 users (i.e. contractors, vendors, presenters)

Duration - Access granted for defined period of time

How to Access - Create a HappyFox ticket at least 48 hours in advance with the username and password of the individual needing access. This ticket will be directed to the Director of Network Services and the request will be reviewed


How to Connect


  • Click the Wi-fi icon in the taskbar as indicated below to see available networks. Use the list above to determine which network to connect to and how to access it. 



Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi

First ensure that the Wi-Fi is turned on for the device

  • You can do this by clicking the following symbol located in the taskbar      


  • If the window indicates the Wi-Fi is off then click the Wi-Fi square at the bottom to toggle the Wi-Fi on



Forgetting a Network

If you still cannot connect to a network you may need to forget that network and re-add it.


  • Do this by opening your list of networks and right-clicking on the one you would like to forget


  • Click Forget 




Wireless Access Points (WAP or AP)

These are white boxes that are located on the ceiling of most rooms throughout district buildings. Each one projects a Wi-Fi signal. Most D11 WAP's are labeled with identifiers like AP - 104 or an asset tag. They will look like the below. 



Interpreting Wireless Access Point (WAP or AP) Colors

Most WAP's have a light on the side indicating the status of the device and can be used to troubleshoot. 


Solid Blue - WAP is ok and at least one device is connected 

Solid Green - WAP is ok and waiting for devices to connect 

Solid Red - WAP has a problem. If it persists submit a HappyFox ticket specifying which WAP is having an issue

Blinking Any Color - WAP is updating or rebooting. Please submit a HappyFox ticket if blinking continues for extended period




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