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D11 Access Points
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Wireless Access Points (WAP or AP)

These are white boxes that are located on the ceiling of most rooms throughout district buildings. Each one projects a Wi-Fi signal. Most D11 WAP's are labeled with identifiers like AP - 104 or an asset tag. They will look like the below. 



Interpreting Wireless Access Point (WAP or AP) Colors

Most WAP's have a light on the side indicating the status of the device and can be used to troubleshoot. 


Solid Blue - WAP is ok and at least one device is connected 

Solid Green - WAP is ok and waiting for devices to connect 

Solid Red - WAP has a problem. If it persists submit a HappyFox ticket specifying which WAP is having an issue

Blinking Any Color - WAP is updating or rebooting. Please submit a HappyFox ticket if blinking continues for extended period


If you notice unusual behavior with an access point and the wifi begins to struggle, please put in a Happyfox Ticket.


If you have any questions please call the Support Center at 520-2211

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