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Compass Testing in Adobe Premier
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Edited 4.13.22 - RJV 

Adobe Premier Testing on Certiport Compass – PC Version 


  1. Make sure a compatible version of Adobe Premier is installed – as of April 2022, recommended version:  15.4.3 (2021) 

  1. For Palmer, here’s the path:  T:\Applications\Adobe Premiere Pro Versions\PremierePro15.4.3LTS_WIN\PremierePro15.4.3LTS_WIN\Build  


  1. Launch Compass à Login with Administrator Account 

  1. Go to Settings – make sure someone with domain admin (LTE) has credentials entered – with CURRENT password. 

  1. Go to Manage Exams – make sure the correct/corresponding version of the test has been downloaded.***  If needed, click on the Download Additional Exams and select what is needed. 


*** Even though Compass shows the availability an Adobe Premier Pro 2019 exam, our current updates in D11 are NOT sufficient.  It’s necessary to go to newer version.  See #1. 

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