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Web Filter On Screen Messages
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Colorado Springs School District 11 uses web filtering services to protect our users against malicious and/or inappropriate sites. In the article below you will see the various splash screens you may encounter as a result of navigating to a site that is filtered out or blocked.


How the Web Filter Works

Websites are blocked/allowed according to categories. These categories remain the same, the vendor determines how individual websites are categorized. Network Services is able to re-categorize and change these sites when needed. Please enter a Technology Support Ticket at if something is unintentionally restricted and has been approved by the District.


Filter Splash Pages you may Encounter

  • The "Yellow Banner" screen indicates that a user has entered a URL that is incorrect or does not exist. If you see this screen check the address that you are trying to reach in the URL bar and retype it.

  • The "Red Banner" screen indicates that a user has entered a URL that is blocked and categorized as inappropriate for users. Users may encounter two different screens depending on their role in D11.
  1. If a user is a D11 Student and encounters the page below they should close the page as it is blocked. They have no way of overriding it. If the site was incorrectly categorized they should notify their teacher or LTE with the website URL so that a HappyFox ticket can be created. The ticket will then be reviewed and website will either remain blocked or be unblocked. To expedite solving the request, include the computer name trying to access this site (located on the D11 Sticker) in the ticket as well as a picture of the block page if possible.
  2. If a user is a D11 Staff member and encounters the page below, the user has a few options. First, they could close the page and continue browsing to approved sites. If you feel this site should be unfiltered, submit a support ticket,, with the website details so that the team can determine if it should be unblocked. To expedite solving the request, include the computer name or asset tag (located on the D11 Sticker) in the ticket. Please test known sites to ensure that they come through the filter for both staff and for students. However, if the staff member feels the site was incorrectly categorized and should be available, they can use the override option at the bottom of the screen. HOWEVER, if you override the filter know that all traffic is monitored and logged. 



Staff have unfiltered access to YouTube when you turn off restricted mode for the site. Middle and high school users access YouTube in a forced restricted mode. Elementary students access YouTube using a new feature that should be more focused on educational videos.


Streaming Radio/TV Services

Streaming radio/TV services continue to be blocked due to these site's existing Terms of Use indicating they are for personal use only. Sites such as Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, Apple TV, etc. are blocked globally to ensure district-wide compliance. If you have questions about this you can see this article in our Knowledge Base that has more information about the topic.


Personal Devices

Users (staff or students) who bring in personal devices will get the “default” most restrictive profile. Blocked pages have a button “sign in with Microsoft” that users can sign into with their District credentials. Logging in will give staff or students a filtered profile on your personal device.



If you find staff members who can’t access certain sites that other staff members can, please submit a HappyFox Ticket. To expedite solving the request, include your computer name in the ticket.


If you have any questions please contact the Support Center at 520-2211, or search our Knowledge Base for more articles.

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