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Can Employees / Students / Families receive a discount for personal computer purchases?
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Employee/Student/Family Dell Discount on Personal Machines


For detailed information on our Employee purchase programs and additional opportunities for personal use on personal devices, click here.


As a part of our current agreement with Dell, our users (Employees, Students, Staff, Teachers, D11 Families) are able to purchase Dell products, at a discounted price, through our D11 Dell Portal. To do so please follow the steps outlined below.


DISCLAIMER: Colorado Springs School District 11 does not control any of the pricing or support for this site or anything purchased through this site for personal use.  Any transactions made on this site are between the consumer and Dell Inc. Please contact Dell support if you have any questions about ANY of the offers or support needs for this site.


  1. In your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.) navigate to In the top right corner, you will want to click the "Sign In" button




  1. In the drop-down you have two options; "Sign In" or "Create an account". If you have previously used this portal you can sign in. If you have not you can choose Create an account. 



  1. If you needed to create an account you will be taken to this screen. Please follow all the prompts to set up your new account. If you see a "Welcome Back" message like the one in the screenshot below you can use your account and reset that password.



  1. After you have completed either signing in or creating an account you will be taken back to the landing page. You should see a small avatar with your name and a green check in the top right where the "Sign In" button was before. You are now free to shop at the D11 Dell Store. 



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