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Supported Chrome Devices
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NOTE: This article only pertains to Chromebook devices typically used by Colorado Springs School District 11. For information about other systems please see the articles linked below



Colorado Springs School District 11 maintains and repairs all computing technology/devices that are issued out to staff and students. As technology ages, parts become hard to come by and more costly to obtain. At a certain point in a device's life cycle, it will be considered Beyond Economic Repair Cost (BERC). The typical lifecycle of a Chromebook device is 4 years.

With that in mind, the Technical and Support Services team has created a list of Chromebooks that will be supported and maintained throughout the school year. The table below shows the approximate calendar year during which select Dell Chromebook models were originally released. The models shown here are those most commonly purchased for use by staff and students who require support from D11's Technical and Support Services Department. To quickly estimate your computer's age, simply find the model in the table below. 



  • Chromebooks will be maintained and repaired if there is a failure to the system based on parts availability and cost of repair in relation to the value of the device.
    • Any repair that is more than 70% of the value/depreciated value will be considered a total loss.
    • Anything not on this list will not be repaired and considered BERC.
  • These are the approximate years that the models first became available. Historically, Dell updates models every 12-18 months, and we typically switch models as they become available.
  • This list will not change until the following school year. The list below are all supported devices through SY 2021-2022.



Year 3100 3180 3120
2020 X    
2019 X    
2018   X  
Anything below this line is considered Beyond Economic Repair Cost (BERC) and will not be supported if it has an issue
2017   X  
2015     X
- D11 will not maintain Chromebooks beyond the 4 year mark


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