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How to Join a Zoom Meeting
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Colorado Springs School District 11 currently uses Cisco Webex to conduct official meetings and virtual classroom instruction. D11 does not currently have a license for the use the service and because of this we do not allow or support the use of the Application. Staff and Student of D11 can still attend meeting, however, it must be done through a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.).


NOTE: Students are filtered from being able to use Zoom on D11 Devices. If you need the filter turned off for students, temporarily, for a specific LEARNING opportunity, please put in a ticket well in advance (several days) of that opportunity to give the Network Services time to make the appropriate changes. Helpful information for these opportunities would be

  • What do you need it for (job fair, virtual field trip, a special presentation)
  • Date of opportunity and how long it will last
  • School / Grade Level
  • Any other pertinent info


The following are the steps necessary to connect to a meeting via a D11 Device.


  1. Open any web browser installed on your D11 Device. You should have a few to choose from. Any modern updated browser should work. 
    • Windows 10 - Chrome, Edge, IE
    • macOS - Chrome, Safari
    • iOS - Chrome, Safari
    • Chromebook - Chrome



  1. In the URL bar type or join.zoom.useither will work. Hit the enter key to navigate to the site.



  1. You should now see the "Join a Meeting" page. On this page, you can enter the Meeting ID that was sent to you by the host and then click the "Join" button directly below where you entered the meeting id.



  1. You will likely be presented with a pop up asking you to use the Application if you click the "Launch" button on this screen. When it appears, click the "Cancel" button and then see the next step for how to continue.



  1. You should now see a new option below the Join button that says "Having issues with the Zoom Client? Join from your Browser". Click this link and it will open the next window for you to continue the process of joining your meeting.



  1. On the next page, you simply will enter your name, authenticate with the Captcha (if present), and then click the "Join" button again.



  1. If your meeting host has opened the room you will join right away. If they have not yet opened the room, you will be in a waiting room that refreshes every 5 seconds until the host opens or admits you to the room.



If you have any questions please contact the D11 Support Center at 520.2211, use our chat at, or search our Knowledge Base for more articles.

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