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Setting Up a myViewBoard Account
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myViewBoard Account

To maximize the features on the ViewSonic ViewBoards, users should create an account on This allows you to connect cloud drives, access files, and enables many other features that come with these smartboards. You can also access the ViewSonic training videos on their YouTube channel to see the capabilities of the ViewBoard and their ideas for using it in an educational setting. The following steps will outline how to set up an account to get you going.


  • In any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge) navigate to In the top right corner, you should see a button labeled "Sign Up". Click this button.



  • On the page that opens, you will see several options. You will want to use the "Sign Up with Microsoft" button located in the list of options. This button will take you through the typical Microsoft authentication that you see with many of the apps we use here at D11. If you are already logged in to O365, it should automatically set up your account. If not simply enter your full email ([email protected]) and then your network password.



  • The first time you log in you will be presented with a few options to describe our organization. You can fill this out if you wish OR you can click the very faint "Skip" option below the "Finish" button.



  • If you fill out the information you will see a confirmation box. Simply click the "Confirm" button to move on.



  • You should now see your myViewBoard dashboard. To continue customization you will want to click on the "Follow Me" tab. It is highlighted in the image below.



  • On the Follow Me page you will see several options on the left side. You can use this page to customize some settings to help tailor your specific experience.



  • To begin linking your cloud storage to your myViewBoard account, click on the "Cloud Integrations" tab on the left.



  • Next, click the "Bind" button that is located next to the service you are looking to set up. Our suggestion is that you set up your D11 OneDrive account at a minimum, but you can also set up a personal OneDrive account, your D11 Google Drive account, and many others. 



  • Setting up the accounts will again take you through some authentication steps that should be familiar.




  • When you get to the "Stay Signed In" preference page you can choose whichever option that you feel most comfortable with.



  • After you have authenticated, you will be redirected back to your Cloud Integrations page and you should see a banner noting that you have successfully set up the service. If you wish to disconnect a service you can do so by clicking the "Unbind" button located next to it.



  • From here you can continue setting up your other storage options if you wish. If you set up more than one option you can change you default option but clicking the "Set As Default" Button next to that service. The first service you set up will automatically be set as your default unless you change it.



  • If you wish to customize even further, you can do so by clicking on any of the options to the left or on the icon next to your email address and then choose the "Edit Account" option from the dropdown menu.



  • In your account settings, there are multiple tabs. The first tab allows you to do some customization of your name and even add an Avatar. Feel free to explore the tabs and set up settings as you wish.



  • Any changes you make will need to be saved by clicking on the "Confirm" button at the bottom. Once you have done this you should see banners in the sections that you have made changes to. You also will see the changes reflected almost immediately at the top of the page.



Your myViewBoard account should now be ready to use with any ViewSonic ViewBoard in D11. The next step to make logging in easier would be using your smart phone to download the companion app. this will allow you to sign in to any ViewBoard by scanning a QR code.


If you have any questions please contact the D11 Support Center at 520.2211, use our chat at, or search our Knowledge Base for more articles.

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